Mary Lawlor and Brian Dooley are standing outside a building, both smiling, while Mary is being interviewed.
Tribute to Brian Dooley
Blog Post
My senior advisor Brian Dooley is finishing up with the Mandate today after three years of exceptional support, guidance, wise counsel and endless energy.
The flag of Greece against a blue sky background
Op-Ed: Why are human rights defenders in Greece at risk and what can be done about it?
Blog Post
This week at the United Nations I will present a report focused on Human Rights Defenders in Greece. It will detail the risks and threats faced by people in the country who take peaceful action to promote and protect the rights of others.
Flags outside the EU Commission building in Brussels
Response to the EU Commission’s draft Directive on corporate sustainability due diligence
Blog Post
On 23 February 2022, the European Commission published its proposal for an EU Directive which would place binding obligations on…
At the heart of the struggle: human rights defenders working against corruption
Blog Post
On 11 March 2022, I presented a report to the UN Human Rights Council, explaining how, although not everyone sees…
Collage of WHRDs
International Women’s Day 2022
Blog Post
Today, on International Women’s Day, I’m celebrating all women human rights defenders (WHRDs). By becoming prominent figures in their communities,…
New video explaining the work of the Special Rapporteur, and how to get in touch
Blog Post
Today I am launching a new video, explaining how the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders operates, what he…
Book Cover of silencing of a Laotian Son
Shui Meng Ng publishes memoir of husband, disappeared Laotian human rights defender Sombath Somphone
Blog Post
It was with a mix of profound sadness and deep admiration that I read Shui Meng Ng’s recently published biography…
Flags outside the EU Commission building in Brussels
Position paper: concerning Human Rights Defenders and the EU’s mandatory due diligence initiative
Blog Post
Since I took up the mandate of Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders, I have been paying…
2022 – My New Year’s Message to Human Rights Defenders
Blog Post
Looking forward to 2022 filled with great hope – my message to Human Rights Defenders.
2021 – Witnessing the Powers of Hope and Persistence
Blog Post
We know 2021 has been hard for many people, not least Human Rights Defenders. Working for human rights, often against powerful,…
Human Rights Defenders Day: The Power of Persistence
Blog Post
I’ve spoken to thousands of Human Right Defenders (HRDs) in the last year and a half. These are people all…
Opening Remarks: UN General Assembly report on HRDs in Long Term Detention
Blog Post
On 14 October 2021, I presented my report, “States in denial: the long-term detention of human rights defenders” to the…




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