HRD Protection Resources

The Special Rapporteur cannot provide physical protection to human rights defenders or funding to support their activities. However, there are organisations who can provide this support. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to recommend other resources that might be useful for human rights defenders.

Emergency Protection

Front Line Defenders:

Civil Rights Defenders Emergency Fund:

Lifeline provides small, short-term emergency grants to civil society organisations threatened because of their human rights work. See:

Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund – Safety Net is for individual women human rights defenders (WHRD) from/working in conflict and crisis-affected countries who face risks threatening their safety and/or ability to sustain their work. See:

Freedom House – The Dignity for All program provides emergency funds, support, and security assistance to human rights defenders and organizations under threat or attack due to their work for LGBTQI+ human rights. See:

Urgent Action Fund – Security and well-being grants are available to women and non-binary human rights defenders and organisations in Asia and the Pacific in order to respond to their immediate or time-urgent needs for security and well-being. See:

List of organisations providing grants for Human Rights Defenders:

CIVICUS curated a list of rapid response mechanisms providing timely support for activists, civil society organisations and small, informal civil society groups’ response to attacks, sudden emergencies, crises or advocacy opportunities and to avoid and mitigate threats. See:


List of organisations providing relocation / respite:

Shelter City Initiative:

Africa – Ubuntu Hub Cities: Relocation and support for Human Rights Defender at risk in Africa:

For Human Rights Defenders in Afghanistan – MADRE produced a guide compiling information on the process of crossing borders for Afghan women/human rights defenders: [Available in English, Pashto and Dari]

Legal support

American Bar Association pro-bono legal support, Justice Defenders Programme:

Security Support

General Security tips:

Digital Security Helpline:

The OHCHR South-East Asia Regional Office issued a series of digital security tips for human rights defenders in South-East Asia. See:


Other Grants

Small grants (up to 5,000 USD) for projects in the Global South preventing risks for HRDs raising rights violations in projects funded by development banks: 

Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French, Portuguese submissions can be made here:

Mental Health

Resources on mental health and well-being:

Talking about mental health: A handbook for civil society:

Accessing the UN

What can the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders do? [VIDEO] –

Series of practical guides, explaining which UN mechanisms you should contact, and how to get in touch:

ISHR Practical Guide the UN Special Procedures

ISHR Academy on UN institutions:

Tools for Collective Protection

Earth Defenders Toolkit:

Full catalog of resources, tools, manuals and trainings for human rights defenders:

HRD Legislation

Model Law on HRDs by ISHR – English | Spanish | French | Russian | Arabic | NepaliMongolian

Map of States with national legal protection for HRDs:

Other resources for HRDs

Freedom lab – training materials, tutorials, and digital tools for human rights defenders:

List of further protection programmes for HRDs by Human Rights First:

Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders by Protection International:

Handbooks, Resources and Training Manuals by Front Line Defenders:

The Counter by SOMO supports communities seeking to find out about the corporate structures of specific companies through investigations:

La Rapporteuse spéciale ne peut ni assurer la protection physique des défenseur.e.s des droits humains ni financer leurs activités. D’autres groupes peuvent toutefois apporter leur aide. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour nous recommander d’autres ressources qui pourraient être utiles aux défenseur.e.s des droits humains.

Protection d’urgence

Front Line Defenders:

Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund – Le filet de sécurité est destinée aux femmes défenseures des droits humains (FDDH) issues de / travaillant dans des pays touchés par des conflits et des crises qui font face à des risques menaçant leur sécurité et/ou leur capacité à poursuivre leur travail. Voir :

Liste d’organisations qui proposent des subventions dédiées aux défenseurs des droits humains :


Sécurité générale:

Sécurité digitale

Plateforme D’Assistance pour la Securité Numerique:


Interaction avec l’ONU

ISHR Practical Guide the UN Special Procedures

ISHR Academy on UN institutions:

D’autres ressources pour les DDH

List of further protection programmes for HRDs by Human Rights First:

Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders by Protection International

Handbooks, Resources and Training Manuals by Front Line Defenders:

La Relatora Especial no puede proporcionar protección física a las personas defensoras de los derechos humanos, ni financiación para apoyar sus actividades. Sin embargo, existen grupos que pueden proporcionar esta ayuda.  No dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros si desea recomendar otros recursos que puedan ser útiles para personas defensoras de derechos humanos.

Protección en casos de emergencia

Front Line Defenders:

Lista de organizaciones que proporcian financiación para apoyar a las personas defensoras de derechos humanos:


Lista de organizaciones que facilitan reubicación o programas de descanso y respiro:

Asistencia jurídica

Apoyo jurídico gratuito de American Bar Association:


Manual de seguridad:

Seguridad Digital

Línea de Ayuda en Seguridad Digital:


Salud Mental

(México y Colombia) Integración de un enfoque psicosocial en proyectos de defensa de derechos humanos:

Como acceder a la ONU

¿Qué puede hacer la Relator Especial sobre las personas defensoras de derechos humanos? –

Academia de ISHR:

Recursos y Toolkits

“Earth Defenders Toolkit” para personas defensoras del medio ambiente y la tierra:

Legislación sobre personas defensoras

Ley Modelo de ISHR:

Otros recursos para personas defensoras de derechos humanos

Freedom Lab – materiales de formación, tutoriales y herramientas digitales para personas defensoras de los derechos humanos:

Manual de protección para las personas defensoras de los derechos humanos – Protection International:

Manuales, recursos y trainings de Front Line Defenders: