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Three overlapping Palestinian flags in an outside setting
Information received on the situation of Palestinian human rights defenders in Masafer Yatta
Information Received
I am concerned by information I have received indicating that, in addition to continuing Israeli Security Forces operations aimed at…
• 8th Dec 2022
This is a poster that provides information on the Special Rapporteur's upcoming press conference in Dushanbe, Tajikistan - 15:00 local time, this Friday, livestreamed from the link in the text of this tweet.
Tajikistan: End of Mission Press Conference
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On 9 December at 15:00 local time in Dushanbe (11:00 Geneva) I will present her preliminary findings on the situation…
• 7th Dec 2022
Women Human Rights Defenders’ Day, 2022
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The following are remarks I delivered on 28 November 2022 by video message to a conference celebrating International Women Human…
• 29th Nov 2022
Blue and white poster showing details about an event on corporate due diligence in the EU and its impact on human rights
25 Nov: Event on EU’s proposed Directive on human rights & environmental due diligence
Information Received
What difference will it make? Human Rights and Environmental Regulation for Business in the EU Location: Jones Engineering (Room 2.31)…
• 23rd Nov 2022
México incumple su deber de proteger al defensor de los derechos de las personas migrantes, el pastor Lorenzo Ortiz
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• 9th Nov 2022
This image shows a videocall with the faces of people who participated. Some of the faces are blacked out for the safety of the human rights defenders
Meetings with Human Rights Defenders from Uzbekistan
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I recently met with Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) from Uzbekistan: Tatiana Davlatova, Klara Sakharova, Nadejda Atayeva, Farida Sharifullina, Shukhrat Ganiev,…
• 9th Nov 2022
Globe of the world
Universal Periodic Review 41 & concerns for human rights defenders
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As the 41st session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) takes place between 7 and 18 November, I am highlighting…
• 7th Nov 2022
Sillouette of a hand placing ballot into ballot box
The Situation of Election Observers as Human Rights Defenders
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GENEVA (27 October 2022) – Today marks the 17th anniversary of the first commemoration of the Declaration of Principles for…
• 27th Oct 2022
Video: Opening remarks before the UN General Assembly (77th session)
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On 13 October 2022, I gave my opening remarks before the General Assembly, the first time doing so in-person since…
• 26th Oct 2022
حملُ العبء عن الغَير، ورفض الإغضاء عما يحدث لهم
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مضى زمنٌ كان يُنظر فيه إلى التلطُّف مع الناس على أنه أمرٌ حسن. وأما الآن، فإنني أرى أُناساً يتعرضون في…
• 20th Oct 2022
Podcast: Human Rights Defenders in Latin America
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Last weekend, I sat down with Sonja and Izzy at LatAm Dialogue to discuss the situation of human rights defenders…
• 12th Oct 2022
UN General Assembly side-event: “Refusing to Turn Away”
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On Wednesday 12 October 2022, a side event will take place on the margins of the UN General Assembly in…
• 10th Oct 2022




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