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Meeting with Human Rights Defenders from Ukraine
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One month ago, I met with Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) from Ukraine: Anastasia Moskvychova, Andrey Zaritsky, Anna Medvedeva, Hanna Sokolova,…
• 22nd Oct 2021
200 días desde la desaparición de Grisell Pérez Rivera
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Hoy se cumplen 200 días de la desaparición de la abogada y #defensoradederechoshumanos Grisell Pérez en Tlalmanalco, 🇲🇽 México. El…
• 12th Oct 2021
Journalists and Human Rights Defenders receive Nobel Peace Prize
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I was delighted to hear today that the work of Human Rights Defenders and journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov…
• 8th Oct 2021
Hearing with migrants’ rights defenders in Greece
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Last week I held a hearing with human rights defenders engaged in solidarity with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in…
• 5th Oct 2021
Launch of UN Report on Young Human Rights Defenders
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The Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth has published a report on young Human Rights Defenders, an area…
• 24th Sep 2021
Disturbing reports: Kyaw Minn Htut arrested in Myanmar
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I’m receiving disturbing reports that the whereabouts of environmental rights defender and pro-democracy activist Kyaw Minn Htut remain unknown after…
• 15th Sep 2021
Global Witness reports hundreds of Environmental Defenders killed in 2020
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According to Global Witness’ annual report, launched today, 227 Environmental Human Rights Defenders were killed in 2020. The report starkly…
• 13th Sep 2021
IUCN Conservation Summit: Campaign launched for conservation to be based on human rights
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For the first time, indigenous people have been designated as full members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature,…
• 8th Sep 2021
What I’m hearing from Human Rights Defenders in Afghanistan
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• 23rd Aug 2021
Hearings with Human Rights Defenders in Haiti
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Part 1 Part 2
• 17th Aug 2021
Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas – Defender los derechos de los pueblos indígenas
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Communications sent to States on issues affecting defenders of the rights of indigenous peoples (10 August 2020 – 9 June…
• 9th Aug 2021
Встречи с правозащитниками и правозащитницами из Кыргызстана
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• 3rd Aug 2021




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