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Plane Flying through the air
Academic study on the use of travel bans in the MENA region
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When travel bans are imposed on Human Rights Defenders, they can no longer carry out many of their important activities,…
• 25th May 2021
Aniversários sombrios de assassinatos de defensores dos direitos humanos no Brasil
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• 24th May 2021
Human Rights Voice – Stigmatisation of Human Rights Defenders
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Student-run magazine, Human Rights Voice, have published a series of articles analysing the effects that stigma can have on human rights defenders.
• 21st May 2021
Collage Photo of Mary Lawlor with different Human Rights Defenders
Welcome to my new website!
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This year, online work has become more important for us than ever. Since taking up the mandate of Special Rapporteur…
• 20th May 2021
Rapport de la FIDH – En Israël, des campagnes pour asphyxier les défenseurs des droits humains israéliens, du Golan et de Palestine
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[Ceci est un communiqué de presse de la FIDH] Paris – Genève, le 27 avril 2021 – Calomnies, campagnes de…
• 19th May 2021
جلسة استماع لمدافعي حقوق الإنسان من السودان
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خلال الشهر الماضي، شاركت في جلسة استماع لمدافعي حقوق الإنسان من السودان، تطلعت خلالها للاستماع للمدافعين من داخل للبلاد، للحديث عن عملهم والتحديات التي قد يواجهونها لا سيما المدافعين الناشطين خارج العاصمة الخرطوم.
• 17th May 2021




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