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Not guilty verdict of Polish Women Human Rights Defenders upheld
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On Wednesday, 12 January 2021, a Polish court upheld the dismissal of the case against Women Human Rights Defenders Ela,…
• 12th Jan 2022
Sahrawi WHRD Reports Violent Attacks Under House Arrest
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Sahrawi Woman Human Rights Defender Sultana Khaya told me she has been forcibly held under house arrest for over a…
• 23rd Dec 2021
Briefing notes: harsh sentencing of human rights defenders in Viet Nam
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Today, the Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights issued the following briefing notes on the sentencing of…
• 17th Dec 2021
México: La detención y tortura de un defensor de derechos humanos pone a la luz la criminalización de la protesta social, concluye un Comité de la ONU
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• 15th Dec 2021
Morocco: Possible extradition of Uyghur Human Rights Defender Idris Hasan to China
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Uyghur Human Rights Defender Idris Hasan is awaiting imminent decision of Moroccan Cassation Court on possible extradition to #China, where…
• 6th Dec 2021
Speaking with Human Rights Defenders in Russia about the Foreign Agents’ Law
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Last Monday, I met with Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) from Russia at the webinar organised by OVD-Info, Human Rights Center…
• 3rd Dec 2021
Happy International Women Human Rights Defenders’ Day
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Today, 29 November, we celebrate International Women Human Rights Defenders’ Day. For me it is a day to remember all…
• 29th Nov 2021
Distressing news from Russia – Possible dissolution of International Memorial and HRC Memorial
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I’m hearing deeply distressing news from Russia: renowned NGOs International Memorial and HRC Memorial, who I have known & admired…
• 12th Nov 2021
Información preocupante de Cuba: nueva detención de personas defensoras de los derechos humanos del CIR
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• 11th Nov 2021
Regional meeting of Human Rights Defenders from North and West Africa in Cote d’Ivoire
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Late last month, one of my team, Ed O’Donovan, attended a regional meeting of Human Rights Defenders from North and…
• 2nd Nov 2021
Disturbing Reports from Poland’s Eastern Border
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I am hearing disturbing reports from people in Poland peacefully working for the rights of others. They say that migrants…
• 1st Nov 2021
Meeting with Yanomami indigenous leaders in Geneva
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Yesterday my team met with environmental human rights defenders and indigenous leaders of the Yanomami indigenous peoples in Brazil, Mr.…
• 27th Oct 2021




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